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Deep Creek

At 16’ 6”, the Deep Creek is an ideal canoe for family outings or for the sportsmen who loves to hunt and fish. It's also a favorite for Wilderness Tripping with it's light weight and gear hauling capacity. The Deep Creek's traditional hull design is very stable and maneuverable while still being fairly efficient to paddle and track, making this a great multi-purpose canoe. Our light weight composite lay-ups make it easy to load and unload from the vehicle or to portage for one person with a loaded pack. It also means less weight to push in the water while paddling. The Deep Creek can double as a solo canoe and is a great freestyle canoe as well. If you are looking for an all-around canoe but enjoy light weight and efficiency, try the Deep Creek.

Designed by John Diller

Length - 16’ 6”
4” Waterline -34”
Max. Width - 36.5”
Gunwale Width - 34”
Height - 18”/14”/17”

Kevlar  $3600  34lb.


Fiberglass skin backed up with 5 oz. Kevlar and foam core. Good for lakes and milder rivers. For rocky rivers and whitewater, add an extra layer of Kevlar in the bottom.

Kevlar Layup

Carbon/Kevlar  $3900  32 lb.


5.7 oz. Carbon skin backed up with 5 oz. Kevlar and foam core then another layer of 5 oz. Kevlar over the core. Light weight, stiff and good for lakes and milder rivers. For rocky rivers and whitewater, add an extra layer of Kevlar in bottom.

Carbon/Kevlar Layup

Light Carbon/Kevlar  $4000  30 lb.


3.8 oz. Light Carbon skin (instead of regular 5.7 oz. Carbon) with 5 oz. Kevlar inside. A lighter boat that is still tough and stiff. 

Light Carbon/Kevlar Layup

Expedition  $4000  40 lb.


Tough S-glass skin backed up with 2 full layers of Kevlar and an extra layer of Kevlar under the core. 3/8” foam core with 4” ribs and another layer of Kevlar over the core. This is one tough boat. Great for rocky rivers and long expeditions.

Expedition Layup

TexTreme Carbon Layups  (Price Varies)


A new, flat-weave Carbon fabric that produces a checkerboard look. TexTreme is stiffer than Carbon of similar weight as well as adding duraility to the canoe. We can use 2 differnet weights of TexTreme, Regular (4.7oz.) and Light (2.7oz.).
Outer Skin +$350 when replacing regular carbon.
Inner Skin +$250 when replacing regular carbon.
Inner Skin +$200 when replacing light carbon.

TexTreme Carbon Layup

Custom layups and options available upon Request.

Weights are approximate

Standard Package
Carbon Gunwales
Carbon Gunwales
Web Seats
Web Seats
Aluminum Thwarts
Aluminum Thwarts
Traditional Wood Oufitting  $250
Cedar Gunwales with Glass Wrap
Cedar Gunwales with Glass Wrap
Ash Yoke
Ash Yoke
Web Seats
Web Seats
Ash Thwarts
Ash Thwarts
Wood Seat Supports
Wood Seat Supports
Personalize your canoe with our large selection of options.

Want something that isn't on the list? Please call us and we will be happy to add it to your canoe!

Seat Options
Bucket Seat
Sliding Bucket Seats   $200
Large Seat
Sliding Large Seat   $200
Other Options
Wood Gunwales
Wood Gunwales  $100

Adds 3 lb.

Extra Layer of Kevlar on Bottom
Extra Layer of Kevlar on Bottom  $100

Adds 3 lb.

3rd Seat in Center
3rd Seat in Center  $100
Seats Mounted on Bulkheads
Seats Mounted on Bulkheads  $100
Seat Pad
Seat Pads for Bucket Seats  $40
Ash Yoke
Ash Yoke $75
Ash Thwarts
Ash Thwarts  $100
Ash Thwarts and Yoke
Ash Thwarts and Yoke  $125
Carbon Yoke
Carbon Yoke  $150   with carbon thwarts $100
Carbon Thwarts
Carbon Thwarts  $200
Carbon Thwarts w/Carbon Yoke
Carbon Thwarts w/Carbon Yoke  $300
Small Carbon Deck
Small Carbon Deck  $30
Large Carbon Deck
Large Carbon Deck  $60
Canoe Storage Cover
Canoe Storage Cover  $140

"My wife and I were very pleased with the paddling ease and the initial and secondary stability of the canoe when unloaded.  We are very happy with the canoe.  One thing that I really like is the way you attach the rivets without them showing on the outside of the boat.  I also appreciate the way you finish the gunwale so that there is not an additional aluminum extrusion and the flat vertical wall on the inside of the gunwale is a lot easier on my legs compared to a rounded extrusion. 

I will recommend your boat to anyone who asks."

- John Ahuas MN

"I have owned a Deep Creek Tandem for five years and taken it on 23 terrific Boundary Waters canoe trips. It carries the load of a 17-foot boat, maneuvers like a 16-foot boat, and is ten pounds lighter than my solo boat! Every time I toss this beauty up on my shoulders, I smile. It is my favorite canoe."

- Rob Kesselring, MN (uncommonseminars.com)

"The Deep Creek is a great overall canoe.  I use it for tripping, fishing, solo and family outings.  Everyone enjoys the stability, including my young daughter who loves to hang her hand in the water.  It paddles nicely loaded or unloaded.  Can't beat the weight of the canoe, but what really impressed me is how durable it is.  We have hit our fair share of submerged rocks and it handles all of it.  I now don't worry about babying the canoe.  It has nice speed and glide for length of canoe while still being very comfortable in the wind and waves."

- Bryce Tyler, Wisconsin

"Am sending you a couple of photos from a canoe trip I did with Sue Knutson of Apple Valley, MN. We travelled in the BWCA last September doing a large route of about 60 miles with 50 portages in 4 days. She is really into travelling light and was excited when she talked to Rob Kesselring about his Deep Creek. So she had ordered one and our trip was the second trip in it for her. 

I have to tell you one story: we had bumped into two women who were studying wolves in the BWCA. They would flag the routes with tape to indicate and inform those who travelled with dogs that there were leg traps along the portage trail. Shortly after meeting them, we had to find a portage and when we saw the tape we assumed it was the portage and started down the trail. Well, it was a very over-grown trail, there was a exceptionally steep part but we carried on to its end. It sure didn't look right when we looked out across the body of water. I pulled out a GPS which I had borrowed from Rob Kesselring and sure enough, we were in a Primitive Area. We re-traced our steps, got back on track and assessed how we had been led astray by our own doing. The important point is that the Deep Creek on my shoulders was not an issue. I was able to maneuver it through this very rough portage, on my own, attesting to its lightness."

- Sue Plankis, MN

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